Senin, 17 Agustus 2015

Cardfight Vanguard Eight Best Strides! Part One

Hi guys,

Similar with the Eradicator article, I am practicing my English writing skill for the piece. I hope you guys can enjoy the story without going to google translate too much.

After 8 months bullied by Strides, have you ever thought about what is the best stride out there (to bully other people)? Well think no more because we will give you our version of best stride out there (in EN version -so no Touran or Bermuda Clan Booster).

8. Snow Elemental, Blizza

This generic Stride has a clean but versatile effect. Counterblast 1 and unflip one of your Stride to gain +5.000 Power for each face-up Stride. This straightforwardness fulfills two main purposes. The first is to instantly activate GB2 skill of your Vanguard. Furthermore, the second purpose is to finish your opponent at late game. Imagine when you have 6 or more face-up Stride and your opponent has already exhausted his perfect guards, Blizza would shatter your opponent's hand. And the best part, all clan can use it!

7. Nebula Dragon, Big Crunch Dragon

This is one of those dragons whose name contains two instance of "dragon" word. Bushi sure is fancy to complicate names. While Big Crunch do not plus you directly, it will help you annoy your opponent. From then you can gain plus from not dealing with one full line for two whole turns. He/She is limited to only two lines to exploit. This is convenient also to neuter your opposing rear guard's troublesome ability.

6. Interdimensional Beast, Upheaval Pegasus

One of the most controversial Strides in regards of ruling (but guess what, we covered it up here). It is incredibly potent at devastating opposition's lines and bolstering your own lines to enormous number at the same time. It also triggers Chronojet's effect to eliminate the strongest unit your opponent has after he/she rearranges his/her field. No wonder it is now the most favorite Stride in Gear Chronicle.

5. Carapace Mutant Deity, Machining Destroyer

What is more annoying than disabling rear guard? Yes, it is disabling the vanguard itself. And this unit excels at both! Your only out is having another Grade 3 unit in your hand to re-ride your Vanguard. Without it, you are denied of at least 2 cards and triggers from drive check, also the potential damage and guard from your opponent. And the most fantastic trait of this card is, you can activate its effect as early as your first stride. Furthermore, you can do it for four consecutive turns! Imagine how annoyed your opponent would be. I bet he/she will not play with you again that day.

This marks the end of part one. For the mean time until the next part is published, can you guess which Strides passed the big four and at what order? Just write it at our comment section below!

Okay, that's all for now.


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